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Seung Min Lee, 21, is a second-year student in International Business and Management Studies and comes from South Korea. She is interested in history and wanted to present a part of her country’s past, as portrayed in a novel Read more >>
How do you rate your degree programme and THUAS? On Wednesday, 14 January, you should have received an e-mail asking for your opinions. By completing the National Student Survey (NSE), you can help clarify the quality Read more >>
'When you’ve worked so hard on finishing a successful project, you feel like it’s time to celebrate.’ These were the first words spoken by Willem Looije, Department Manager of Sports Studies, when he presented the final design Read more >>

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  Extended Valentine Rubi Love popped love questions at THUAS. 'Every day should be Valentine's day.'


  On The Road...

I’ve just pulled into the seaside town of Bermeo, in Northern Spain, where I’m writing from. This is my final post after four fun and challenging terms of stressing over deadlines, reading up on issues, and sharing my perspective with you. It’s all done. And so, I thought it appropriate to go out the way I entered THUAS - on the road. Read more >>
  Nearing the end, Saying Goodbye

This year has been a year of change. I started writing this blog, started teaching the International Insights Research project, and learned that Biomimicry could be my niche. Along the way I tried to strive to show my own mentor students the way to achieve graduation within the three year period that they are allowed to take, to finish on time. Read more >>

A canoe that folds up like an armadillo? How can we mimic this? This summer I will be giving advice to three mechanical engineering students who are working on a folding canoe. Up to now, they have looked into how the armadillo folds itself up. This has been used in a few products already, but it’s not quite worked out yet. Read more >>
  Breathing Underwater

It's nearing the end of the year, and a song by one of my favourite bands - Metric - sums up how I feel. It's a bit surreal, like breathing underwater. Read more >>