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  Involvement in the refugee crisis really is our school’s responsibility

Jelle de Vries, a student in European Studies, disagrees with lecturer Chris Aalberts who is puzzled as to why THUAS should be involved in the refugee crisis. De Vries: ‘Since when should an institution such as THUAS be labelled leftist and pro-immigration Read more >>
  THUAS has more important things to worry about than refugees

'Is it the job of a university of applied sciences to have an opinion about refugees or do something for them?’ wonders Chris Aalberts, a lecturer in Masters & Professional Courses. ‘Ultimately, world citizenship Read more >>



As of last Friday, degree programme advisory committees have their own website. This will allow them to share tips, ideas and suggestions with each other about the content of degree programmes. Read more >>
A delegation from India arrived on Tuesday to visit the Faculty of Social Work & Education. The goal for getting together is to exchange global citizenship skills and to create internships. Read more >>
Information skills are one of the 21st century skills in higher eduction, but how do you test these skills in students? THUAS lecturer Jos van Helvoort developed a grading rubric, a generally Read more >>
Why do students keep living with their parents? Some find a student flat too expensive, while others have a nicer reason: they just like it at home. Read more >>
The sixth edition of OH OH INTRO is scheduled for 1 September 2016 when hundreds of students are expected to visit Lange Voorhout. The festival, which is a big welcome for all students inRead more >>

Melting Pot Russia: A struggle between mind and heart
Melting Pot South Korea: A love story from the past
Melting Pot Romania: A woman’s resilience
Three lecturers on shortlist for Olive Award
How satisfied are you?
THUAS presents final design for Zuiderpark Sports Campus


  Extended Valentine Rubi Love popped love questions at THUAS. 'Every day should be Valentine's day.'


  Have your cake and eat it too!

Back to school now and getting ready for the intro week watching the students who have already arrived hustle and bustle around the hallways. I am enjoying my cake and hope to eat it too. I’ll explain. Read more >>
  On The Road...

I’ve just pulled into the seaside town of Bermeo, in Northern Spain, where I’m writing from. This is my final post after four fun and challenging terms of stressing over deadlines, reading up on issues, and sharing my perspective with you. It’s all done. And so, I thought it appropriate to go out the way I entered THUAS - on the road. Read more >>
  Nearing the end, Saying Goodbye

This year has been a year of change. I started writing this blog, started teaching the International Insights Research project, and learned that Biomimicry could be my niche. Along the way I tried to strive to show my own mentor students the way to achieve graduation within the three year period that they are allowed to take, to finish on time. Read more >>

A canoe that folds up like an armadillo? How can we mimic this? This summer I will be giving advice to three mechanical engineering students who are working on a folding canoe. Up to now, they have looked into how the armadillo folds itself up. This has been used in a few products already, but it’s not quite worked out yet. Read more >>